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Birthdate:Apr 11
Location:Nanaimo, BC, Canada
"Because you don't get to a million without starting at one. So, get ready to go green. One act at a time. The world is watching."

Help the world Go Green. Join One Million Acts of Green now at! You don't have to be from Canada to join. Just remember, the world is watching.


Vancouver Island girl to the core.

University student working towards a Bachelor's Degree. History Major and Creative Writing Minor.

Writer, Role Player, part-time icon maker, Total Fangirl.

Daughter, Older Sister, Mom to an assortment of cats, Friend.

Anything else?

Icon Challenges I've placed in:
3rd in Alias Holiday Challenge3rd in Buffy and Angel Supplied Image Challenge

[info]randyfangame entries that have placed:
3rd in randyfangame's icon challenge for March 28/041st AND Most Creative *go me!* in randyfangame's Fandom icon challenge for April 18/042nd in randyfangame's non-Fandom icon challenge for April 18/041st in randyfangame's icon challenge for May 9/042nd and best use of font in randyfangame icon challenge for May 16/041st in randyfangame's icon challenge for May 23/043rd in randyfangame's icon challenge for May 30/042rd in randyfangame's icon challenge (childhood) for June 13, 2004Most Sentimental in randyfangame's icon challenge (childhood) for June 13, 04Most Amusing in randyfangame's icon challenge (loneliness) for June 27, 2004

[info]instant_contest entries that have placed:
Second Place: Instant_Contest, contest #1, August 1st 2005

[info]serenityicons entries that have placed:
Something With Slink (Mod's choice), serenityicons contest #1, August 22nd 2005

Other icon awards:
[info]icons100 challenge:
completed in 9 weeks, on October 5th, 2005

My Other Journals:
RP Tracker journal: [info]rp_girl. Full list of games and characters here. Fairly regularly updated.
Active character journals: Dawn Summers [info]dawnie_summers_/Fred Burkle [info]_fred_burkle_/Casey Helgenberg (OC) [info]_rockprincess/Linzee Davidson (OC) [info]cheekyinnocence/Kaylee Frye [info]sweetlilkaylee/Liz Parker [info]controlfreakliz *Note to self - UPDATE*

Claims I've made

@ [info]buffy_ep_claims

@ [info]angel_ep_claims

I claimed Connor/Dawn Summers (Angel: the Series/Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
@ [info]claim_xover

Also, check out


Icon info:
Most Brushes used in my icons came from [info]wannablessedbe, [info]dtissagirl, [info]isabellecs, [info]sinecure, [info]oxoniensis, [info]quebelly, [info]saava, [info]shagalote, [info]crumblingwalls, [info]barbed_whispers, [info]serendipitysho, [info]pixeljoy, [info]gegenschein, [info]hermintage, [info]spiffydaze, [info]pekeana, [info]aibi, [info]boulevard/[info]milk, [info]teh_indy, [info]lil_button, [info]cosmo_mouse, [info]rictusem_icons, [info]balcarin, [info]crushedviolet, [info]lily_blossoms, [info]__kali__, [info]calixa, [info]flagrant_delire, [info]yachiru, [info]wednesday_icons, [info]sandrine, [info]spiralling, [info]sistasouljah99, [info], [info]ohpaintbrush, [info]pilot, [info]gamin1432, [info]meleada, [info]77_words, [info]_joni_, [info]rough_draft___, [info], [info]dearest, [info]iconistas, [info]gypsie_moon, [info]glass_prism, [info]trash_graphics, [info]wonderland__, [info]arisubox. I think that's everyone...sorry if I missed any. I'll correct it asap. I just figured posting it here would be easier than trying to remember who's brushes I used every time I made a new icon, header or other graphic.

Some of the gradients used come from: [info]crumblingwalls, [info]emmysdream, [info]washed_away_art, [info]kiaharii

Some of the textures/colour bases come from: [info]dearest, [info]colorfilter, [info]rough_draft___, [info]cherishrose, [info]bombayicons, [info]ellipsisicons, [info]lookslikerain, [info]arisubox, [info]willowtree84, [info]sinecure

some of the masks used come from: [info], [info]iiokua

maple leaf
Canada matters to me. Le Canada, c'est important pour moi.

british columbian sun
Beautiful British Columbia

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